Toxins in your cleaning closet

Our cleaning closet is filled with a variety of soaps, detergents, bleaching solution, detergents, softeners, polishes. glass cleaners, bathroom cleaner, oven cleaner, drain cleaner etc to keep your homes sparkling, germ-free. and sweet smelling, they have a detrimental effect on our health and create havoc on our environment after they go down the drain.

They contribute to indoor air pollution, and certain chemicals irritate the lungs and trigger respiratory problems, like asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and allergies.

When the chemicals in consumer household products such as cleaning spray and laundry detergents hit your skin and lungs they go directly into your bloodstream bypassing your kidneys, and liver which is your natural defense against toxin.causing many disesases like

  • respiratory difficulties
  • neurological problems
  • asthma attacks
  • dizziness
  • migraine headaches




What’s most concerning is it’s not required for cleaners to list their ingredients on the bottle, leaving consumers in the dark. Even those claiming to be “green” or “natural.”

The corrosive ingredients that make acidic toilet bowl cleaners clean so well are the same ingredients that can cause burns on skin and eyes. They are also extremely dangerous when mixed with other types of cleaners.Many of these cleaners contain corrosive alkalis, which can have grave effects on your gastrointestinal track and respiratory system if inhaled or ingested.






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